Famous Roulette Players

Roulette is one of the most popular games of chance. It is played in casinos and considered as one of the top favorites of casino habitués. When it comes to the game of roulette, there is really no useful system or strategy to speak of. There are players who have won big time and there are also an equal number of peers that have lost a large fortune playing the wheel.

To gain some insights at how lady luck went the way of those who played the wheel, let us look at some of the most successful players that have ever played the roulette. Notable figures of the game of roulette include Joseph Jaggers, Rashid Khan, William Nelson Darnborough and Billy Walters.

Nowadays of course the online version of this game becomes more and more popular as well so if you’d like to know more about it read this article here.

Joseph Jagger

Joseph Jagger
Joseph Jagger

The name “Joseph Jagger” may not easily ring a bell even to hardcore casino habitués. The reason for this is that the person belongs to a completely different era – as he made a name as a hot roulette player in the 1870s. An engineer by profession, Jagger used his knowledge of mechanics to understand the ‘nut and bolts’ of roulette and this may explain the reason why he had this special interest in the roulette wheel.

Joseph Jagger organized a team that consists of wheel clocker’s. They spent their time on the floor of the Monte Carlo casino and observed certain roulette wheels in action. They discovered that a particular wheel in the said casino had a bias towards a specific set of numbers. Jagger did not go roughshod and exploit the apparent bias in the roulette wheel and waited until 1875 to confirm their initial suspicion. After playing the roulette wheel for just a short period of time, his group was able to win about $20,000. This amount is equivalent to more than a million dollars today.

After a week of play on the roulette wheel, the group of Jagger was able to rack up their winnings to $100,000. This is equivalent to about $5 million at present time. To correct what seemed to be an anomaly which has been taken advantage by his group, the casino operators tried to switch the wheels to confuse them. Jagger reportedly did not set foot on the casino floor since then and went on to invest his winnings on real properties.

Rashid Khan

Of course, Rashid Khan is just an alias, and the guy who goes by this name has won substantial cash prizes playing the roulette in UK and in other major cities in Europe. Rashid Khan reportedly studied the dealer signature and the supposed bias of the roulette wheel. Khan goes about his business on the casino floor almost surreptitiously and prefers to take a low key approach when playing the roulette.

So, how big is Rashid Khan as a roulette player? A good way to measure his impact on the game is by comparing his winnings with the other known roulette personalities. It is not an exaggeration if we make a claim that Billy Walters and Joseph Jagger are like second rate players compared to Rashid Khan if we compare their respective cumulative winnings.

William Nelson Darnborough

William Darnborough started his career as a roulette player shortly after Joseph Jagger. Darnborough was on a European jaunt when he came upon the game of roulette in Monte Carlo. Experts place his total winnings from $400,000 to $450,000, which is considered a sizable fortune during that time. And just as Jagger did during that time, Darnborough left while he was still ahead in terms of winnings. He got married and finally settled in England. Reports have it that Darnborough was able to enjoy an amazing winning streak by using a method known as wheel watching.

Billy Walters

Billy Walters
Billy Walters

A man who goes by the name of Billy Walters barnstormed Atlantic City in 1986, and went on placing bets on what appeared to be pre-designated numbers on the double-zero roulette. What was interesting about Billy Walters is that he placed bets amounting to $2,000 on each of these numbers and his total bet for every spin amounted to $10,000. Walters had amazing wins in every spin.

At the time casino operators felt that it should not be a cause for alarm as Walters was playing the double-zero, which was supposed to have a higher house edge. However, the casino operator was not aware that Walters was running a team of clocker’s who were closely watching the operation of several wheels on the casino floor. The team observed that a particular wheel exhibited a significant degree of bias for 5 specific numbers. And these were the same 5 numbers that Walters bet on.